Grand Canyon Division of AIA Arizona

AIA Grand Canyon is a section of the Arizona Component of The American Institute of Architects. The section was originally chartered as a chapter officially in 1999, but transitioned to a section on January 1, 2016.

The AIA Grand Canyon Section exists to provide a professional organization for the Architects of Northern Arizona to come together for their mutual benefit and advancement individually and collectively.

The section provides a needed forum for education information, member communication, community relations, business advancement, fellowship and camaraderie.

Major section goals are personal and professional growth, industry leadership and direct involvement and support of the many communities comprising its membership.

Networking and professional development programs through the state and regional AIA affiliations is available to all members including continuing education, which may eventually be a State requirement for licensure.

Fostering public recognition of the Architectural Profession, the AIA, and the individual members is a paramount effort at all levels of AIA including public awareness and image building for architects.  State and National AIA is currently funding and actively pursuing all levels of media advertising promoting the Architectural Profession and especially the AIA membership.

There is a surprising number of AIA Grand Canyon Section area Architects involved in public service.  This provides a direct conduit to the many planning and building activities at city and county levels and improves public relations.  AIA GCS will strive to promote member architects positioning on important decision making bodies such as councils, boards, commission, and committees and encourage the membership to directly participate in their community`s planning goals.

A future important direction of the AIA GCS is to join together as many of the Northern Arizona Architects and their affiliates as possible, to promote interaction and expand community action eventually to a regional basis.

Finally at the grass roots level the AIA GCS allows architects within the chapter area to get to know one another, socialize, promote sharing of ideas and resources, and simply help each other to be as successful as possible.